Arnold Schwarzenegger To Narrate ‘Wonders Of The Sea’ Documentary

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean Michel Cousteau - Cinesky Pictures News

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been tapped to narrate 'Wonders Of The Sea', a new feature documentary directed by Jean-Michel Cousteau and Jean-Jacques Mantello.

The pic was filmed over three years from Fiji to the Bahamas, with the aim to discover the ocean as never before seen and learn more about the threats that put it at risk.

“When I first saw the footage of this film, I was blown away and I immediately wanted to be involved,” said Schwarzenegger, who is also a producer. “It is not only an incredible visual feast but it is also conveying a strong message about the need to protect our ocean. The perfect use of 3D in this film gives you the feeling that you are actually diving with all these creatures. I am pleased to not only lend my voice to the movie but also to get involved in its promotion.

Said Cousteau, who is making his feature directorial debut: “Arnold and I share the same enthusiasm about what should be done to protect the ocean. I was impressed by his professionalism and how dedicated he proved to endow the film with his voice. My father always said, ‘People protect what they love,’ and Arnold will help us achieve that goal, in that after seeing the film, audiences too will want to protect the wonders of the sea as much as I do.”

‘Wonders of the Sea’ will be available from Cinesky Pictures in March 2018